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Living Room
Dining Space


A Canvas for craftsmanship

AREA: 500 SQ.FT.



A typical 500 sq. ft. Mumbai based apartment with an atypical story of local craftsmanship, artisanal works, natural materials and minimalism through reverential tones of nature. The intent was to take a road less travelled — the path of nurturing the local art, craft and workmanship through design.


An abode for a modern couple, the design brief was simple and sublime; they wanted a space that felt like home. A simple plan that reflected this thought with ample natural light and a hint of nature within. Set in a 30-year-old Mumbai apartment, the construction of this fine-tuned abode was nevertheless a challenge.

Entry Foyer
Lounge Seating

The entrance foyer has a custom-designed cabinet handwoven with cotton fiber cords to suit the core philosophy of enhancing the use of craftsmanship.


The living room highlights handmade terrazzo flooring, breathable lime plaster walls with ample natural greens to blend in the earthy language of design. Moving towards the interior, a compact window seat attached to a bookshelf, acts as a highlight of the space; blending in multi-functionality, utility and comfort.

Ceramic Wall Mural
Flooring Detail
Custom Linear Light

The dining table is made from quartzite and wood exuding a raw naturistic appeal. Inspired by the sea, a textile installation with its fine strands hovers around. This is followed by a ceramic wall sculpture that defines the artistic story of the space.

Minimal Bedroom
Minimal Dresser
Minimal Bedroom

The bedroom offers a chaste aesthetic with simple clean lines that evoke the senses. The lime plaster walls create an organic space that thrives on earthy tones. Aligning to the wall texture, the upholstery reflects a similar aesthetic tone, blending in the overall decor.


The studio undertook a complex journey to design all the lights using diverse materials like pleated fabric, teak wood and traditional tube lights. The lights are set on a metal framework that runs across the entire house in the form of an obsidian black line. The crescent-shaped light is carved and sculpted out of teak wood.

The kitchen space continues in a similar design language with custom made handles from stone and brass.

Fabric Light
Crescent Wall Light
Wooden Handle Detail

The walls in the bathroom are treated with 1 mm thick stone paste which is applied as a coating material. The subtle palette of the crushed stone over the walls is continued as countertops for washbasins to maintain the earthy elements throughout the home.  The powder bathroom also follows a similar method of using natural materials with linear grooves to form an engaging linear pattern.

Master Bathroom

The quietness and tranquility that this home offers showcases an abode that thrives on narrating a story between the occupants and the spaces while retaining nature in every inch of space. Rather than taking an international spree to find artefacts, the designers have procured elements locally in and around India while engaging with several artists to create statement pieces for this apartment.

Powder Bathroom
Wall Detail
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