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Classroom Design



AREA: 72,000 SQ.FT.


A school in Bandra, where the main idea is to fade the boundaries between teachers and students through extensive use of transparency and collaborative spaces throughout the building. Learning hallways, creating space dividers using furniture and visual connectivity becomes the main focus of the project. The stimulus taken by touching natural materials by hand and feet, inspire a child's imagination of brain growth. For the same reason, textures have been incorporated on various planes across the school. 

A double height playground at every alternate floor becomes crucial in a city where there is limited outdoor playgrounds. The basement is programmed to have a badminton and basketball court. The 5th floor which becomes the central floor accommodates the labs.

The conventional space of library is relooked at and bookshelves are places across the collaborative spaces of 8 floors which students can access as per their interest.

Classroom Design
Classroom Design
Collaboration Space
Vertical Library
School Restroom
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